Welcome to this dream project, thank you for being here!

Please help fund this unique and extra-ordinary center for plant medicine research in the Basque Country Spain where we will grow, produce, alchemize,  ingest and research plant medicines in an incredibly beautiful set & setting.  Become a member, a part of the club,  and help me realize this dream while moving our medicinal systems and science forward into the future.  

Conscious Medicine Collective is a dream project created by visionary mystic and shaman Manex Ibar from his 20 years of experience leading private groups in shamanic states of consciousness with and without plant medicines.   Manex has recently acquired a property on a beautiful river and wants to share this place with you, by building a beautiful private exquisite center to farm, produce, research, and partake in magical plant medicines legally.   The goal is to create a magical place that is sustainable and that can house you in geodomes while building a specially made temple with care, precision, and love.  The design integrates all aspects of creating a perfect set & setting, with a special concern around acoustics for musical performances, comfort, and privacy.  Also, the elements of nature will be integrated with skyviews, a fountain and fire place, as well as air flows and magical art to create a unique temple of epic magic.   

Your help to develop will help build the retreat part, building 5 different eco-geodomes to create the housing and this magic temple, as well as a per-ma-culture greenhouse and farm that will produce all of the medicines onsite.  The funds will also help us build a spygaric lab that can manufacture the purest plant medicines that can enliven our lives, as some of you had experienced already before, bringing a more concentrated and reliable medicinal experience.  This will also help with some of the infrastructure that include a labyrinth, crystal garden, flower gardens, and a permanent sweat lodge/temascal as well as a sauna and hammam on the premises to take full advantage of the experience.  

The aim is to build this collective club membership that together creates a sanctuary that severs to research, teach, inform, and lead through powerful guidance and alchemically prepared medicines, the harmony and power of Nature. There are currently several centers in Costa-rica and one in Spain, but most of them have gone towards a bigger is better model, where you have minimum 20-150 people doing medicine together.  Our goals is to be more quaint where 20 would be the maximum number of people, and preferably we would stay at around 10 per ceremony, giving ample space and unique individual care for this to work beautifully.   The goal is to have a community that shares in the different responsibilities of the process - farming and producing the medicine with love,  caring and hosting the members, and holding space and guiding the medicine ceremonies.   

Manex is also planning on creating a mystery school within the property, to help certify individuals with the capacity to spread this work out into the world, while also facilitating the experience locally.  Using the highly active and broad local culture,  local musicians and artists would gather to help create more magic from design, decoration, musical atmospheres, and enhanced ceremonial experiences. Ceremonial soundscapes that drive the ceremonial experience is a major portion of creating an amazing set and setting for this sanctuary. 

In order to make this dream a reality, I need your help!

Please join the adventure and become a club member (the smallest donation helps, as the number of club members is actually helpful for us to be able to grow more medicine as per the regulations).

Enjoy your own journey and help science innovate the future with powerful precise medicine that can be verified and used in research with Oxford University and MAPS Programs which we have deep relationships with and would partner to conduct new types of studies, especially with the cactus San Pedro or Huachuma.

See below for the different membership options and we thank you for your help already, and look forward to the adventure together.



- This is the basic membership that gives you information that we publish, newsletter access, and a discount to our products online.
- This allows us to grow medicines.



 - same as tribe 
- receive a Fréquence essential oil kit to go along with your membership.

This helps us greatly.



- same as premium 
- reserved members only ceremony

Ceremonies will begin spring 2021 and you will be one of the first to participate.  



- same as family member
- 1 private ceremony for 6 people 
share the experience with a close group of friends next year and lock out a weekend at a discount.
- Clair essence Meditations Course.



- same as Honorary Member 
- 2 Private Ceremonies
 (over 2 years with a group of 6 or 1 ceremony with a group of 12)



(only 15 members)

- same as Creator Member
- 5 private ceremony with a group (over 5 years)
- Lifetime membership
- Lifetime acknowledgement on documents as a Patron of the Collective Club.  Also potential of vesting if lab becomes profit oriented.


FOUNDING MEMBER - 50k (only 5 members)

- all the patron membership benefits
- Name on one of the 5 buildings
- 10 years of private ceremonies for a group of 6 people
- Potential for shares club becomes a company.


FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE:  www.manexibar.cocm/offerings/conscious-medicine-collective/



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